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Precision Machining


Multiple Ways We Can Fulfill Your Needs

While Liberty is best known for our full-service metal fabricating, as our name implies, we are also a fully equipped machine shop capable of your small to large components.

Liberty maintains an array of horizontal and vertical milling and boring machines, turning machinery, grinders and a collection of supporting machinery as well as the journeyman certified operators to man them. There is no need for you to spend time sourcing to a variety of suppliers. Liberty will supply your entire fabricating and machining needs saving you time as well as providing our usual excellent service and delivery all at a surprisingly economical cost.

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Precision Machined Parts 

Liberty 3D Technologies is your source for precision machined parts from the size of a dime to larger than a pick-up truck.

From the mining and construction machinery industry to steel and tube rolling and custom automation industries, precision machined parts are always in need, and these industries know they can depend on Liberty 3D Technologies to deliver economically and on time.

Large Jobs, Little Parts

As a single source for all of your fabricating, machining and tooling needs; we also offer quick and economical smaller precision parts machining.

In our effort to continually train up and coming machinists, smaller parts are an excellent tool for training and to also provide an economical solution to your smaller parts requirements. Working with Liberty eliminates your need to source fabrications to one supplier, large machining to another supplier and smaller parts to yet another supplier. Liberty can easily satisfy all of your sourcing requirements making life easier for you.

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