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Prototypes & Engineering

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Technologically Ahead Of The Curve

Liberty makes a conscious effort to review our capabilities against the current leading technology because we understand that you can not be a leader in your field with yesterday's technology.

Through the use of state of art CAD/CAM, in-process inspection and constant training in these areas; we believe we are offering our customers the services that will continue to place Liberty in the lead when we are compared to others in our industry.

Design And Engineering At It's Best

Liberty Steel Fabricating, Inc. utilizes engineering software such as Auto Cad® and Solid Works® in prototyping, mechanical design, new product development, and manufacturing support.

Unique and innovative professional design capabilities stem from a solid foundation of education, experience, and on-going training. Whatever your needs, the bottom line is . . . the bottom line.  Your goal is to be more productive.  We have real engineers experienced in the complete development, assembly, installation, and optimization of manufacturing equipment.  Computer-Aided Design is just a small part of what they do.  Invite them into your facility and put them to the test.  Chances are good, they can make your operation even more productive.   

One-Off and Short Runs

With the variety of fabricating and machining capabilities along with the creativity of our engineers and tradespeople, Liberty has what it takes to provide your prototype parts promptly and economically.

We can help you devise better product designs, to help reduce costs, as well as offer engineering insights to improve your product as well.

Quality Control Better Results 

Liberty Steel Fabricating is a firm advocate of in-process inspection in addition to their routine final inspection.

Using routinely calibrated machine tools, gauges and instruments to verify proper geometry before a part is completed assure your parts will be right the first time. In-process inspection limits scrap to almost zero percent. With today’s tight timelines and limited budgets, delivering your product right initially means you get to market more quickly with less investment.

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